Before and after in photoshop; removing fine hair from eyes

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Working with this portrait of Carina was a real challenge! As you see on the before picture she has some tiny fine hair in her eyes and nose and I was not happy with that. I almost deleted this picture but there was something about it that I really liked - the wind playing with her hair lifting it up in the air and the calm look in her eyes. So I decided to give it my best try in photoshop. This image was shot on a beach near my home and it was very windy that day and cold too. If you look closely at the white in her eyes you´ll see some redness - that happens when you work with models outside in a cold wind, their eyes start running with water and gets red, so as a photographer you need to work fast on those days.

In photoshop I zoomed in to closely on the areas I wanted to work with - this is a must if you wish to have a great result. Sometimes I even zoom in so I only see the pixels - all the little dot´s the image is made of. I used the spot healing brush to remove unwanted hair and the clone stamp tool to erase the redness in her eyes. The result is not perfect when you see it zoomed in, but when you see the portrait in a smaller size like on a website, you will not notice that there was hair removed in photoshop.

In the end I played around with some overlays - which are transparent and colored textures that you put on top of your image. I love using overlays and I just use some free ones that I find online.

I wish you all a wonderful day :-)

xoxo, Christina
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