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Saturday, July 9, 2011

This week flew by...much like the entire summer and this entire year.
So yesterday morning I was scrambling to think of an idea for each prompt and then put it into action!
Lucky for me, things just kind of happened to fall into place.

1. Looks Like a Letter of the Alphabet: "G"

2. Weather
This one's from the dusty archives. It's from a year ago and one which I thought had been deleted until I came across it a few days ago! I was pretty excited to find it, but completely disappointed to see that from a technical standpoint it's terrible. I really had to boost the exposure in post processing to show off that amazingly awesome sky...which consequently led to those hideous red and blue lines. At the time I didn't know that my camera even had the bulb mode nor did I realize that I should have been using it. ...just further proof to read your camera's manual. ;)

3. Bling
I must admit, I'm not a bling kind of girl. So for this prompt I turned to my kids and their dress up gear.
{My son's going to love this one when he's older! haha!}
breck-bling rowan-bling

4. Tangled
Hours at the pool + a nap immediately after = a tangled mess.

5. Dark
I am really loving all those 'through the doorway' shots that are popping up everywhere. I copied it...

I made an Instagram-for-PSE frame/action set!
Go to this post to see it and access your free download!

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